Develop the artistic skills, entrepreneurial mindset and wellness toolkit to THRIVE as a musician in our rapidly changing world.



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



Dip your toe in.

  • Immediate access to our video library of lessons including the following categories: technique (clarinet & cello), practice & performance,  business & career skills, and mind/heart/body wellness including productivity, focus, motivation & emotional wellbeing
  • 5 new video lessons per month
  • Archive of conversations with artists and experts + any new conversations 
  • One 60-min office hour hosted by a THRIVE host each month where you can ask questions and get support 
  • Weekly emails to keep you up to date and motivated 
  • Access to our digital platform where you can comment and interact with other THRIVE members 



You're ready for change.

 Everything in the previous tier PLUS:
  • 1 live masterclass per month for both cellists and clarinetists
  • 2 live workshops per month covering relevant and actionable topics taught by experts inside and outside of music
  • Replays of all live classes
  • Library of PDF downloads made especially for THRIVE members plus access to other paid PDFs at no cost
  • 20% off all other Music360 programs



You're committed to the work.

 Everything in the previous 2 tiers plus:
  • One 60-min coaching or lesson per month with a THRIVE host of your choice
  • A special 60-min Action Hour with your THRIVE hosts and other "Amp it up" participants

  • First in line to play in masterclasses


If you aren’t completely satisfied with THRIVE, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

You want a rewarding career in music that generates a stable income. You want to maximize your learning and focus. You want to be well–in all areas of your life.


We hear this from our students every day –

The problem? Traditional training isn’t getting to the heart of what you need! 

That is why we created THRIVE. 

THRIVE is a membership that empowers you to fill in the gaps in your training. In THRIVE you learn how to amp up your practice and performance, dive into career and business skills and address your wellness in body, heart and mind through a comprehensive video library, live events and a community of supporters.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, THRIVE is changing the way musicians learn.




Focused lessons taught by your THRIVE hosts and special guests on technique (clarinet & cello), practice & performance,  business & career skills, and mind/heart/body wellness including topics such as productivity, focus, motivation & emotional wellbeing. You get 5 new videos per month and access to 60+ videos currently in the library.


One of the most important parts of your development is playing for incredible artists. We currently offer one guest masterclass a month for both clarinetists and cellists.


Here's where the magic happens. Our workshops cover everything from practice design to conquering negative thoughts on stage to investing. You get 2 per month.


Q&A's and conversations about life, artistry, and so much more with people we love! Listen podcast style! 


PDFs and resources to help your progress. You'll find all of our free downloads, ones made just Thrive members and some of the PDFs we have on sale for free!


We believe you'll go further with a supportive circle around you. You can interact in our Thrive Facebook book and on our digital platform, we host an office hour every month plus there is a Thrive package where you can get 1:1 help if that's what you need.


You need to feel confident and empowered to take your next steps towards success–whatever that means for you. Spoiler alert: that means working on your musicianship with amazing artists while also developing skills like self regulation, how to be patient, how to build a website, and of course, how to step on stage with courage. That's what we do in Thrive.

I'm ready to join!


Hi! We are Ixi, Tiffany, Ted and Nick! We've got a diverse set of experiences under our belts and want to share them with you. As your Thrive hosts, we curate your content and find incredible guests and topics that we know will offer you important learning. We look out for trends and things we think you need to know and then bring them to you!

Ixi Chen (top left) plays clarinet in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and teaches at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Dr. Tiffany Valvo (top right) is the former clarinet professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, is a freelancer and teacher and the Social Media/Digital Content Specialist at Cal Performances at UC Berkeley. Ted Nelson (bottom left) is a cellist in the Cincinnati Symphony and Producing Artistic Director of Concert Nova with a lot of experience understanding the roles of orchestral management. Nick Photinos is a multi-Grammy Award-winning cellist, a founding member of Eighth Blackbird, and has collaborated and toured with an astounding array of artists.

Ixi, Tiffany and Ted started THRIVE in October of 2020. The program has helped hundreds of students gain the confidence and skills they need to make strides in their playing and career. We've got big hearts and believe there is space for everyone in classical music, but you may need some help! We're ready to give it to you.

"This past year, I was a part of Thrive, and wow it was amazing! Meeting new clarinet faculty and making new friends has been great, but most importantly Thrive has given me a new skill set under my belt right after graduating college. I’ve implemented techniques from Thrive into my everyday routine, and I’ve had a lot more success with competitions and auditions!"

Chanse M.

"Just dropping a line to let you know how much I am enjoying the Thrive membership. I have found my groove where I can listen to the classes while I am driving in the car AND IT IS AMAZING! I'm catching up on topics I missed, finding ten minute sessions (like the clearing brain meditation exercise) that fit into ten minutes before the end of my planning so I can start class like Mary Poppins, and it's all so great. Just saying, THANKS SO MUCH!"

Michelle G.




Wellness lies at the heart of everything you do as a musician.

  • What makes a strong, healthy mind is different for all of us, but it is just as important to dive into these things as scales and excerpts. This includes understanding how you learn and how to maximize your focus.
  • How your body feels has SO much to do with how you play. Remember, you are a musician-athlete! 
  • Your playing is a reflection of who you are. Being emotionally well and heart-centered can make a dramatic difference in not only your expressive capabilities but in your whole life. 

Embracing an outside perspective can give you great insight into your work.

  • From authors to athletes, there are a lot of experts out there with a lot to teach you about how to be a better human and artist.

Musicians are all entrepreneurs on some level.

  • Are you financially literate and do you approach your career with an abundance mindset?
  • The days of having just one job are mostly over, but that doesn't mean a career in music isn't viable. You must explore your unique skill sets that can contribute to the world (and your pocket)!  



First, know that you're all are welcome! Maybe you’re a current ambitious high schooler or college music student that is hungry to learn everything imaginable about a life in music. Maybe you're out of school, feel like you’re in a bit of a black hole, and need support and a chance to play in masterclass again. Maybe you have a job and just love learning! Perhaps you’re a teacher that is excited by new ideas. Thrive is for anyone who wants to learn new, cool stuff. 


Currently, we offer masterclasses and instrumental content for clarinetists and cellists. However, the rest of the content is applicable to absolutely any musician, so if you're not a clarinetist or cellist, jump on in! 


The people that are most successful are rarely the most talented. They're the ones an open mind and the ability to make a plan and move forward in action.