35 Interview Questions for your Next Academic Interview



Preparing for, or even imagining preparing for, an academic interview can be daunting. That nagging thought of "What will they ask?" can begin to take over. But, if you start to formulate answers to a large variety of questions, and become more confident about how to present your strengths and experience, you will create a foundation to pull from no matter the questions asked! It's never too early to begin to develop your answers. 


In this download, you'll get:

⎔ 35 Questions in 5 different categories: basic, applied teaching, curriculum, research and recruiting

⎔ A bonus: ideas on how to decide what questions to ask the search committee when that awkward question comes ... "Do you have any questions for us?!"

⎔ A Pyramid of Experience to help you determine ways to fill your CV with things that will set you apart