We coach musicians to build their artistry and the wellness, career and business skills that matter just as much as how you play.

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Spark Your Potential as a 21st c. Musician: a set of tools, resources and actions!

More likely than not, you will create a collage of work that sustains and fulfills you. Instead of looking at this as having failed, what if you looked at it as an incredible opportunity to craft a career that zig zags across all aspects of who you are? In this email course, we’re going to dig into tools, resources and actions that will help you expand your mind and spark your potential as a 21st century musician.

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There are no magic bullets.

But the closest thing we've ever found to a magic bullet for ourselves and our students is focusing on the entirety of who we are, as humans and as musicians.

In this download, we cover 5 areas of your musical life that you should start thinking about RIGHT NOW! 

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Guide to Practice Design

We all know that practice alone does not guarantee improvement just as time in the gym doesn’t equal getting stronger. You’ve probably heard that concept around the internets. But, if practice doesn’t guarantee improvement, what does? 

Well, we're about to take you through one possible solution! This download, Getting Started with Practice Design, guides you through a practice design exercise.


Get organized and inspired with our new Musician's Practice Planner, designed to help you develop practice habits for remarkable results!

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We host guests, workshops, conversations and more each month to help you go from being a musician to a dynamic artist with a career you love! Our goal is to cultivate a shared collaborative space that facilitates meaningful conversations - helping you gain an edge in today's world



Your Body is Your Instrument

Dreams, a Form of Planning: 4 ways to Fuel Your Vision

3 ways to focus on process and not result as a classical musician

Hi! We believe in order to grow sustainably and intentionally, you must address many aspects of who you are. 


Hey there! We're Tiffany Valvo (clarinet), Ixi Chen (clarinet) and Ted Nelson (cello). We're professional musicians and have played in orchestras, taught at universities, started chamber ensembles, presented at conferences, and the list goes on. We've learned a lot along the way and we want to share it with you. That's why we built all this!

Now about you. All of our resources, programs and work with you are centered on our belief that in order to grow sustainably and intentionally, you must address many aspects of who you are. We are interested in helping you do meaningful work, understand the purpose behind your actions, overcome your fears and embrace the idea that with the right tools and support, a whole heck of a lot is possible. 

This work isn't always comfortable but boy is it worth it.

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Words on being a musician and human. We write about the stuff on our minds that we think will help ya! We publish about 1 new post a week to keep things fresh! Get on readin'.


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Oh yes, this is what you're looking for. Download our free 7 Day Email Course, Guide to Practice Design, 3-Day Performance Challenge... shall we go on?


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We host monthly workshops, masterclasses and other events with the best musicians, thought leaders and coaches we can find. Some free, some paid. Join in!

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We've got a membership called Thrive, a couple of digital courses and opportunities to work with us in traditional lessons, practice consultation, project development and more.

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It's time to get clarity on your gifts, turn negativity into positive fuel, get focused and integrate all aspects of YOU into your practice, performance and career.


Ever feel like it just isn't happening on stage? We explore practice, performance and audition strategies that work! We explore how we actually learn, cutting-edge practice techniques, performance psychology, self-talk, relaxation and visualization.


There are infinite paths to take as a musician, and there is room for you to live in abundance. As creatives we are entrepreneurs who need to create a brand that all starts with clarity around what skills we have to offer the world! 


Without feeling well, it's really hard to play well and contribute what you want in this world. Cultivate your well-being on the mind-body-spirit level. We’ll experiment with journaling, meditation, rituals.  paying attention to our diet, exercise and sleep, to ways to mitigate stress and overwhelm.


It's easy to write down what you have to do, but harder to do it... are we right?! Work in time management, practice flow strategy as well as habit training will help keep you centered, focused and lead a well-balanced life.

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