We guide musicians to the next level with purpose-centered work that optimizes your wellness, productivity, performance and career. 

 We know. It can be hard to see the path in front of you as a classical musician, but we believe there is room for EVERYONE here. 


If you look around,

every single musician is making a life that is unique to them. While there are only a few paths laid out clearly for us: get that orchestra job, teach at a university, or teach K-12, the reality is that 99% of musicians are making a life doing a combination of exciting things.


But, music school can’t teach it all.

We're here to help you conquer a technical passage and craft a cover letter. We teach musicians how to focus in on their health and mindset. If you're looking to take yourself to another level and change the way you approach your work, you're in the right place. We believe in the power of community and compassion.


Let's get to work! 

Turn hesitation into clarity with these loved resources & programs!

Thrive Membership

The Thrive membership is a proven, empowering and transformative online community that helps musicians learn new ways to approach practice, performance and wellness. Includes live events + a robust video library covering everything from articulation to cover letters to focusing before practice. 

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There are no magic bullets.

But the closest thing we've ever found to a magic bullet for ourselves and our students is focusing on the entirety of who we are, as humans and as musicians.

In this download, we cover 5 areas of your musical life that you should start thinking about RIGHT NOW! 

I need this!

The Studio Building Masterplan

The Studio Building Masterplan (TSBM) gives you a modern, exciting, step-by-step guide to building a sustainable and profitable private studio or music platform of any kind using your unique set of skills. This is about believing in what you have to offer and having the courage to show up in the world!

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We help you bring your whole self to the game, because we've seen how transformative it is for ourselves and our students. You've got one wild & precious life - let's make an impact!


It's easy to write down what you have to do, but harder to do it... are we right?! Work in time management, practice flow strategy as well as habit training will help keep you centered, focused and lead a well-balanced life.


Without feeling well, it's really hard to play well and contribute what you want in this world. Cultivate your well-being on the mind-body-spirit level. We’ll experiment with journaling, meditation, rituals.  paying attention to our diet, exercise and sleep, to ways to mitigate stress and overwhelm.


Ever feel like it just isn't happening on stage? We will explore practice, performance and audition strategies that work! We will explore how we actually learn, cutting-edge practice techniques, performance psychology, self-talk, relaxation and visualization.


There are infinite paths to take as a musician, and there is room for you to live in abundance. As creatives we are entrepreneurs who need to create a brand that all starts with clarity around what skills we have to offer the world! 



3 Ways to Feel Better Now!

The You Wheel

4 ways to build patience & track your progress!

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