It's time to optimize your performance through lessons and classes in technique, business, career and wellness! It's time to THRIVE.


Have you ever sat in your practice room and wondered how you’re actually going to build a career with all that technique?


Or, have you sat there and thought, I really just need a fresh approach… but you don’t know where to go to find it? Or, maybe you’re sitting there exhausted wondering why you didn't learn about sleep habits in music school.

Here's the thing. We want you to be a wonderful musician that is also healthy, brave and prepared to build a successful and meaningful career. In order to do that, you need a ton of perspective - not just another idea on how to micro-phrase your Brahms. 


That's why we built Thrive, a membership for musicians designed to optimize your performance through lessons in technique, business, career and wellness. 


Learn actionable tools for improving your practice and performance



Optimize your wellness in mind, body and heart through the lens of being a performing artist



Move your career forward by diving into business and career skills



Stay focused and motivated with a community of like-minded people


You’re just a few steps away from a new perspective. Join today and cancel any time. No questions asked.


What we teach

Technique & Artistry

Hearing from incredible performers and teachers is at the core of our training as instrumentalists. Currently, we have clarinet and cello masterclasses each month - with new instrumental teachers being added. You'll be surprised at how much an outside approach can help your playing. We welcome anyone to the membership. 

Outside Perspective

Step away from the scale book! Getting an outside perspective from experts in many fields will open your mind and elevate your artistry. By bringing in experts in improvisation, mindfulness, writing, performance psychology and more, we will show you new ways to move forward in your practice and performance.


Often, we think we need more time in the practice room, but in reality, we need to address things like courage, movement or distraction. Wellness in MIND, HEART & BODY is a non-negotiable if you want to succeed and feel good while doing it!

Business & Career

The skills you need to succeed in music school are not the same as the skills you need to make a living in music. How can you invest your money wisely, create a successful CV, or prepare for an interview? Music school skips a lot of this; THRIVE will fill in the gaps. 

What you get

Live Classes with Awesome Guests

Being together in the same online space is powerful. It means you can perform in masterclasses, ask questions, and engage with our guests in real time. There are 5 live events each month for you to attend: 1 elevation workshop, 2 clarinet masterclasses and 2 cello masterclasses. But, don't worry; they're always recorded if you can't or prefer not to participate live.

Video Lessons

5 lessons each month that delve into wellness in mind, body and heart plus business and career topics! These mini lessons give you actionable steps to move forward and challenges each month so that you actually DO THE THING! Our online platform allows you to rewatch the videos as much as you'd like and comment/ask questions right there! Hear from. Ixi and Tiffany and a huge range of guests in these lessons.


Every month you get a packet of resources and information that, if we were you, we would print out and keep with us at all times. The packet will have a calendar, guest artist information, prompts, challenges, reading or listening suggestions and more. This is like a roadmap for you to get the most out of each month as a THRIVE member.


There is infinite power in community. When you join THRIVE, you'll be asked if you'd like to join a smaller POD of people working towards a similar goal such as audition preparation, building a teacher studio, or getting into a better practice routine. These are self-directed and provide an incredible chance to learn from and engage with other THRIVE members.



Being around like-minded musicians is crucial to our sense of direction, groundedness, motivation and perspective.Think of us as your pocket coaches, there to lift you up when you need that extra spark of motivation or knowledge. It's not about what you know, it's about IMPLEMENTING it.



The challenge of doing something alone in your practice room disappears when you know you have a community that has your back. 



on other Music360 workshop series, programs, lessons and tools. 



that connects you globally to professionals and aspiring musicians alike. 


I'm ready! Enroll me!

What our members are saying



Musician friends, this is such an incredible opportunity that I *highly* recommend! The programs that they have passionately created have changed the way I think about practicing, performing, and what it means to thrive as a musician.

-Mia T. (Masters Student)


I would recommend Thrive to anyone looking to amp up their music life, and especially those looking to make music their life-long career. It's great to learn new ideas along with new repertoire each month; it really keeps things interesting! Every guest has something amazing to bring to the table, and it really is a pleasure, and an honor to get to work with these professionals.

-Isaac W. (High school student)

5 Areas of Your Musical Life to Work on RIGHT Now


Often, we think we need more time in the practice room. In reality, we need to work on ourselves holistically! Check out the 5 Areas of your musical life to starting working on right now.

They may not be what you expect.
Give me the 5 Areas!

Upcoming Guests

VERSATILITY with John Bruce Yeh, Chicago Symphony

RELAXATION with Diana Haskell, St. Louis Symphony

TRUST & EXPRESSION with Afendi Yusef, Cleveland Orchestra

CONTEMPORARY TECHNIQUES with Eric Mandat, Composer/Southern Illinois University

Many more TBA!

VERSATILITY with Saeunn Thorsteindottir Solist, Chamber Collaborator, Teaching Artist 
RELAXATION with Melissa Kraut, Cleveland Institute of Music

TRUST & EXPRESSION with Brinton Smith, Principal Cellist Houston Symphony

CONTEMPORARY TECHNIQUES with Jeff Zeigler, Soloist, Collaborator, Recording Artist 

Many more TBA!

Previous Guests
We adore these people. They are clarinetists, cellists, flutists, singers, writers, meditation teachers, performance coaches, athletes and more - and their stories have helped all of us reflect and move forward with more clarity and inspiration.

As a member you get access to a number of these classes too! 


From left to right:

CHRIS PELL (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra) MATT KASEE (certified fitness trainer), RICHARD AARON (University of Michigan), RALPH SKIANO (Detroit Symphony), ALARIC ROCHA (filmmaker) ELENA CHEAH (Hochschule für Musik Freiburg), MIKE BLOCK (improv expert)

DR. CHRISTINE CARTER (performance psychology researcher), CAROLYN CHRISTIE (performance coach), HANS JENSEN (Northwestern), DAN GILBERT (University of Michigan), DONATA CUCINOTTA (soprano), DEBORAH BISH (Florida State), JASON PODPLESKI (imrov actor)

MARK NUCCIO (Houston Symphony), ANA MARIA MARTINEZ (soprano), STEVE DOANE (Eastman), AMY ZOLOTO (NY Phil), STACY SIMS (mind/body educator), ANDRÉ MOISAN (Montreal Symphony), LEYLA SHOKOHEE (writer)

RICHIE HAWLEY (Rice), SASHA OLINICK (actor), JOHANNES MOSER (soloist), JONATHAN GUNN (University of Texas at Austin), HANNAH HARDY (crossfit athlete), ALBAN GERHARDT (soloist), YEHUDA GILAD (USC)

Who is THRIVE for?

This program is for you.


MUSIC SCHOOL GRADUATES If you have a degree or two (or three?) in music, and aren't currently earning a living in music, or are stuck and want to boost your career

COLLEGE or CONSERVATORY STUDENTS You're likely busy with school work, but you're still scratching your head on how to actually get a job when you graduate

HIGH SCHOOL STARS You know you're going to music school, you're already high-achieving, and want to soak up all the knowledge you can to supplement your college training

MUSIC TEACHERS If you have or are starting a studio, and it feels like moving a mountain to write lesson plans, Thrive360's elevations will give you a world of ideas

ANYONE who wants to play a bigger game, and find the freedom that comes with boldly stepping into your growth zone

Meet your co-directors & clarinet hosts

Hi, we're Ixi and Tiffany! 

We've got no shortage of enthusiasm, and we live each day thinking up ways to enhance our students' lives. Ixi (right) plays in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and teaches at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Tiffany is the clarinet professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. We teamed up to create THRIVE because we both love music school but know it isn't enough. We've got big hearts and believe there is space for everyone in classical music, but we know it isn't easy. We are so thrilled to give you the support, inspiration and resources you need through THRIVE and other Music360 programs. THRIVE is co-directed by us with the help of many incredible people, like the cello co-hosts below!


Hi, we're Sarah, Ted and Alan!

We are cellists and the hosts of Thrive for Cellists. We are experienced and battle-scarred performers and teachers with a burning urge to help you improve in all the ways you didn't know you could. Sarah Kim is Assistant Professor of Cello at Miami University + Executive Director of the Cincinnati Young Artists. Ted Nelson is a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra + Producing Artistic Director of Concert Nova.  Alan Rafferty is a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, teaches at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and is the Co-Founder of Cincinnati Young Artists.


Hi, we're Mark & Jessica!

We both play in the San Francisco Symphony and believe that making it as a musician today requires work not only on your instrument, but versatility to make you a balanced musician and stronger human. Mark Almond joined the San Francisco Symphony as Associate Principal Horn during the 2020–21 season. In addition to playing the horn, Almond is an experienced hospital physician and has a PhD in immunology and virology from Imperial College, London. Jessica Valeri joined the SFS in 2008 as fourth horn. When not teaching and playing, she is also a yoga instructor! 

Don't play clarinet, horn or cello?

You're still 100% welcome to join us and learn from the best musicians and experts we can find, take advantage of the wellness and career resources, and meet new like-minded musicians. We've had harpists and saxophonists participate, and they've loved the outside perspective.

Still have questions?

Become a member!



Every month you get:

  • 5 Lesson Videos on wellness, business and career topics
  • 1 live elevation workshop with an expert in an outside field (recorded to watch/rewatch later)
  • 2 live clarinet masterclasses (recorded to watch/rewatch later)
  • 2 live cello masterclasses (recorded to watch/rewatch later)
  • Monthly packet of prompts, challenges and resources
  • Option to be a member of a POD + a community of like-minded musicians
  • 20% discount on all other Music360, Digital Clarinet Academy and Digital Cello Academy programs

Cancel at any time.




Every month you get:

  • 5 Lesson Videos on wellness, business and career topics

  • 1 live elevation workshop with an expert in an outside field (recorded to watch/rewatch later)
  • 2 live clarinet masterclasses (recorded to watch/rewatch later)
  • 2 live cello masterclasses (recorded to watch/rewatch later)
  • Monthly packet of prompts, challenges and resources
  • Option to be a member of a POD + a community of like-minded musicians
  • 20% discount on all other Music360, Digital Clarinet Academy and Digital Cello Academy programs

The annual membership gets you a 10% discount!


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