The Thrive membership is an empowering and transformative membership that helps musicians develop the artistic skills, entrepreneurial mindset and wellness toolkit to Thrive!  Our members get monthly live workshops, masterclasses and video training, access to group work and a vibrant community of like-minded musicians who offer support, accountability and cheers for your wins.

Some of our events are open to the public - and some are free - because we really want to get this content into the world so it can help you! 

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Panel Discussion

on Historical Performance Practice, careers and more with Elinor Frey and Dominic Giardino

Sat, Oct 8 @ 2pm ET

Making big impacts on the Historical Performance Practice stage, cellist Elinor Frey and clarinetist Dominic Giardino join us for a talk about what historical performance practice is, their careers, navigating freelance life, understanding style, and we're sure much more! We believe it is invaluable to hear from great artists about their path and hear from them as humans and musicians. Join us and bring your questions!


Seunghee Lee: Letting go of Perfectionism

Sunday, Nov 13, 5pm ET

As a near pro golfer and international recording artist + clarinetist, Seunghee Lee knows a thing or two about dealing with perfectionism! In this workshop, she's giving you 7 Tips on how to shift your mindset to let go of your perfectionism. There are so many wonderful tools out there to help you become successful independent artists and to use your creativity to make your dreams to reality! But - only YOU can make it happen! 🏆 Let's go!



Develop the artistic skills, entrepreneurial mindset and wellness toolkit to THRIVE as a musician in our rapidly changing world.

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