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Workshop: Releasing Negative Thought Patterns and Self-Judgement in Practice & Performance 

Wednesday, Aug 10 | 7:30pm ET


Do you ever feel like you just can't get the negative thoughts to mute while you're practicing or performing? Do you have negative experiences on stage that you just can't seem to shake? Do you want to learn more about embracing positive thought patterns to reclaim the mental state you want to be in to learn and thrive?! If you said yes to any of those, join us for a workshop with Dr. Myra McPherson all about releasing negative thought patterns and self-judgement in practice and performance! 

We're talking: 

  • Understanding why we're so concerned with what people think 
  • The "I am" statements that shape our reality 
  • Why your mindset matters when you go to sleep 
  • How to stop being so self-critical
  • Understanding why we have negative thought patterns in practice and performance and working to release them

Dr. McPherson is a licensed mental health counselor who holds a doctorate degree in counseling psychology. She's been an adjunct faculty member of the University of South Florida for more than twenty years and in private practice since 1990. She loves classical music and is excited to work with all of you!


This class is free with registration. Thrive members, no need to register. :)



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