The Mindset Challenge is a 4-week program for musicians that want to shift their mindset into one of possibility and learn how to more effectively set goals, manage their time, stay motivated in their work and overcome setbacks. 
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We see you. You’ve got a head full of dreams!


But the everyday realities of goal setting, time management, motivation and overcoming setbacks may feel like a big hill to climb on the way to getting there. Why the heck don’t we learn these things like, in elementary school?! 

We designed The Mindset Challenge to give you a collection of ideas and actions that will help you reach the heights of your potential in creative endeavors and in life by shifting your mindset into one of growth and possibility! These are crucial skills, and we’re going to present them in the context of your life as a creative, ambitious person. 


We designed The Mindset Challenge to help you shift your mindset into one of possibility and learn how to:


► Manage your mindset & perfectionism

► Set reasonable goals & understand a path to achieve them

► Schedule your time with more efficiency

► Face the challenges in life with resilience & courage

► Protect your mental health & energy 

► Understand that progress isn't linear


Practicing your excerpts, scales, and repertoire is crucial. Equally as important is learning how to be not only productive and consistent but hopeful about where your future is headed. There are so many tools and mindsets out there that can make the 


It’s our biggest hope you’ll leave the Mindset Challenge knowing that you can do hard things and your future is BRIGHT!


► First, you get access to our online platform where you get videos and PDF downloads 

► A new lesson is delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from September 11 to October 9 and you get an email to introduce the lesson and remind you to login 

► You get links to all of the live events, which are recorded to watch later if you can’t make it live

► If you get behind, no need to worry. You can access replays and all the materials until the end of June


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▷ Scarcity and Abundance Mindset
Tues, Sept 12, 7pm ET
Nick Photinos, Cellist, Thrive Host


▷ Taming the Gremlin: Tools for Cultivating Mental Resilience
Thur, Sept 21, 7pm ET
Ashley Hall, Trumpeter, Educator and Life Coach 


▷ Mental Health in Music
Wed, Sept 27, 7pm ET
Julia Adolphe, Composer, Mental Health Advocate


▷ Gentleness: Welcoming Stress, Returning from Burnout
Thu, Sept 28, 7pm ET (90 min)
Troy Bronsink, Spiritual Leader, Coach, Consultant, Wisdom Teacher 


▷ Everything is Feedback
Thu, Oct 5, 7pm ET
Dana Fonteneau, Performing Arts Coach, Musician, Psychologist, Therapist

▷ Q&A
Mon, Oct 9, 7pm ET




Week 1: Reframing Your Beliefs

We all hold beliefs, mindsets, and ideas we don’t even know are driving our behavior. Let’s get to the bottom of a few and reframe those beliefs that are holding us back!

Week 2: Resilience, Motivation & Habits

How do we develop mental resilience, manage negative self-talk, and imposter syndrome? How do our motivation, willpower, and habits impact our resilience? 

Week 3: Managing Your Energy & Mental Health

Giving yourself time to rest will replenish your energy and improve your well-being. How do we incorporate rest and recovery, and how it is an important part of our mental fitness? How do we self-regulate for optimal performance, and avoid getting derailed?

Week 4: Progress Principles: It Isn’t Linear

Everything worth doing is HARD. Your journey is uncertain - How do we get back up or reframe setbacks when you inevitably fall? How do we know when to give up? And what’s next?

Week 5: Moving Forward 

Q&A with Thrive hosts to help you put all these new tools into action!

You're in the right place if you want to:


🙋‍♀️ Explore the impact of your mindset on your achievements, goals and growth


 📖 Understand how you think about your talents and abilities, and how to use this understanding to foster success in your endeavors


🌱  Develop tools to build a true and positive growth mindset 


 🌎  Learn from thought leaders and musicians that are doing incredible things from all around the world. Who you surround yourself with impacts your mood and trajectory!




Sept-Oct 2023

  • Get easy-to-follow weekly lessons and action steps delivered via email 

  • Attend the 6 live events on the schedule above ($15 each when purchased solo) + recordings to watch later, accessible until the end of June

  • Get PDF and video resources to support your learning

  • Stay organized with all of this delivered to your member platform 

  • Enjoy a space of accountability and support so you can stay focused and experience TRUE growth

  • Share your experience and hear from others in the Thrive Facebook Group
Enrollment for this challenge is over. Check out our next challenge!

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Meet your hosts and coaches,

Ixi, Tiffany, Ted & Nick!

Hi! We are Ixi, Tiffany, Ted and Nick! We've got a diverse set of experiences under our belts and want to share them with you. As your Thrive hosts, we curate your content and find incredible guests and topics that we know will offer you important learning. We look out for trends and things we think you need to know and then bring them to you!

Ixi Chen (top left) plays clarinet in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, teaches at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and is Managing Artistic Director of concert:nova. Dr. Tiffany Valvo (top right) is the former clarinet professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, is a freelancer and teacher and the Social Media/Digital Content Specialist at Cal Performances at UC Berkeley. Ted Nelson (bottom left) is a cellist in the Cincinnati Symphony and VP of Artistic Planning & Operations at the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. Nick Photinos is a multi-Grammy Award-winning cellist, a founding member of Eighth Blackbird, Professor of Chamber Music at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and has collaborated and toured with an astounding array of artists.

The most successful people aren't the most talented. They're the ones ready to jump into action. Hope to see you in a Thrive Challenge soon!