The Studio Building Masterplan (TSBM) gives you a modern, exciting, step-by-step guide to building a sustainable and profitable private studio or music platform of any kind using your unique set of skills. 



TSBM will unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with:


 8 modules and 30+ video lessons
beautiful resources
 live support
a community of people cheering each other on in the private TSBM Facebook group
 life-time access to the course and all future updates


We will not let you take no for an answer, or let this course sit in your bookmarked sites collecting virtual dust. NOT HERE my friends! Still think that you just need to go out and find a few students, and then everything will be okay? Don’t think you need all this?

Here's the truth:

building a truly successful and sustainable studio or any music platform (digital or not) requires skills in marketing, teaching and business. [Not to mention… these skills are applicable to creatives in so many ventures!]


The Studio Building Masterplan will...


  1. Teach you how to form your digital presence with an understanding of music and marketing! 
  2. Help you solidify your philosophies around teaching, and make sure you present them in a way that makes people say “Be my teacher NOW!” 
  3. Guide you through the business aspects of creating an LLC without slamming your computer shut and saying, “Heck with this!” 
  4. Show you how to attract the students you want to teach! 
  5. Provide live support so that you do not let yourself say “maybe tomorrow” one more time - this is an incredibly important element of the course to us - we want to help you, and we want to help you work through your personal challenges. 
  6. Give you the boost you need to take your creative career into your own hands. 


So if you’re ready to finally start or grow your studio while avoiding feeling stuck and uninspired, TSBM is 100% for you! Here's how we'll help you get there:


2 free sample lessons!

Grab 2 lessons on writing your teaching philosophy and the importance of defining your ideal client!

Think you just can't do it?

We believe this is an abundant world. And with a lot of hard work and guidance, anything is possible. If you don't have the confidence, pull up the courage. You have valuable things to say and teach and the world needs you.

Want to know more? Here's a view into of all the modules! 


Module 1

Putting things in motion: how to get started! 

From getting acquainted with HOW you will work this course from start to finish, to picking a name and making a landing page, this module will put all the parts in place for starting your studio. 

Module Highlights:

  • Your road map 
  • Declaring a business launch date! 
  • Understanding if you need a business entity + other legal considerations


Module 2

What is your teaching philosophy? 

It is essential to know what you believe as an educator, why you teach, and how you will teach! This module takes you through a series of exercises that will end in a teaching philosophy that makes people believe in the true power of YOU! 

Module Highlights:

  • 5 big questions about how you were taught 
  • Organizing your beliefs 
  • Building and presenting a powerful teaching philosophy


Module 3

Finding your voice and creating your brand 

Now that you've written your philosophy, let's build on that to find your voice and online personality. What is branding? Why is it important? Spoiler alert: it’s the face of your business, builds trust, and converys your mission. And did we mention branding is REALLY FUN!? 

Module Highlights:

  • How will you differentiate yourself? What legacy will you leave? 
  • What is in brand identity? 
  • Logo, language and consistency


Module 4

Who is my ideal client? 

It is so important to get clear on the clients you want to attract! How many students do you want? What skill level do you want to teach? How many non-teaching hours will you spend on your business? 

Module Highlights:

  • Creating your Ideal Customer Avatar! 
  • Uncovering customer pain points, triggers, struggles and worries 
  • Putting what you learn into a narrative to make someone reading your materials say “Oh my gosh! This teacher was MADE for me!”


Module 5

How do I attract students?

Okay, let’s do a thought experiment. If you overheard a parent talking about your studio, and all you have to offer, what would they be saying? In this module, we’re going to tackle how to attract students with ideas on how to be seen, and understood, through both in-person events and digital platforms. 

Module Highlights:

  • Your #1 recruiting tool 
  • How to use your website and social media to attract students 
  • How to build connections and make yourself seen 


Module 6

How do I price my lessons? 

Let’s start here: you have experience that is incredibly valuable, schooling behind your belt, and a wealth of knowledge that you’ve collected over the years. You deserve compensation for those things - but we know it can be tough to determine exactly how much compensation, which is what we will tackle in this module! 

Module Highlights:

  • Understanding your market 
  • What added value do you bring? 
  • Once you decide on a price, how to design a payment policy


Module 7

Everything you need to do while you’re not teaching! 

The work doesn’t end when the students leave… but this behind the scenes work can be really rewarding, fun and a place to unleash your creative spirit and add value to your studio! 

Module Highlights:

  • Staying organized: scheduling lessons, communicating with parents, maintaining payment records + so much more 
  • Engaging with parents 
  • Streamlining your assignments and materials (SO fun!) 


Module 8

Elevating your studio

Are you ready to exceed expectations and take this to the next level? This module is going to skyrocket all the previous things we talked about, and give you ideas on how to build not only a studio, but one that is connected to the community and to your purpose. 

Module Highlights:

  • Everything you need to know to teach online
  • How to create, host and sell digital products
  • Expanding your reach: group lessons, workshops, and more  
  • Elevating your online content



  • Sara Danner Dukic: Branding, Copy and Website Case Studies - what is in brand identity? 
    • Sara has worked as an opera + performing arts event producer and organizer for almost two decades.  From 2004 to 2011, she ran a highly successful performing arts festival for the prestigious College-Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati in Lucca, and later in Spoleto (Italy).

  • Richard Li: Things that get measured, get improved!
    • Richard Li (Investment banker at LionTree, former clarinetist) talks about adopting a business mindset, important elements of your business to track and how to set up an excel spreadsheet like a pro!


"I started TBSM thinking I would build a typical teaching studio, but with Ixi and Tiffany’s support, and encouragement (and a healthy dose of worksheets), my focus has shifted from individual music lessons to a community-building website aimed at developing curiosity and creativity in music education. TBSM gave me the practical tools and information I needed to set up and grow my idea while also helping me discover my inspiration and authentic voice."

Justin A.
Associate Professor of Percussion, Virginia Commonwealth University

"TBSM has empowered me to reimagine my potential as an educator and has shown me how to take my teaching, outreach, and impact to the next level. I am forever grateful for programs like Digital Clarinet Academy's Studio Building Masterplan that Tiffany Valvo and Ixi Chen created, who are taking matters into their own hands to educate and empower private music educators with an arsenal of business and marketing skills."

Emily T.
Owner, Emily Toth Studios

"The Studio Building Master Plan class has not only helped me streamline and build my own studio, but has helped me focus on my mission and goals. It has greatly fueled my passion for teaching. Ixi and Tiffany have given me so many resources, has helped me develop a professional website and I can focus more on the thing I love, teaching. This class has helped increase my confidence and has given me the foundations to run a successful studio."

Jake H.
Music Education Student

You don’t have to do this alone. You were never meant to.

We will be there to support you live as you work through the above modules step-by-step, avoiding overwhelm! Join us and a community of other musicians to cheer you on, help you conquer that self-doubt and encourage you as you put into the world what you believe in. We can't do the work for you - but we sure can make it easier.

Okay, I am ready to embrace this journey! Count me in!

The Studio Building Masterplan



8 modules

30+ Video lessons

✓ 2 bonus masterclasses

50+ pages of action + resource sheets 

✓ Lifetime access to the course + all updates!

✓ Community Support in our private Facebook group

✓ Live group coaching

Enroll me! I'm excited!

The Studio Building Masterplan


PER MONTH for 6 months

 8 modules

 30+ Video lessons

✓ 2 bonus masterclasses

 50+ pages of action + resource sheets 

✓ Lifetime access to the course + all updates!

✓ Community Support in our private Facebook group

Enroll me in the monthly payment plan!

I still have some hesitations... help!

Think about it this way: If you teach only TEN total 30-min lessons at $50, you make the investment back!

Times are a'changin! We can so genuinely say that these skills will help in absolutely every single one of your ventures. Knowing how to make digital content, write engaging copy (anything you write that is trying to get people's attention), imagine who you are serving, construct your philosophies into a tangible product... these are PRICELESS skills to have! 

Teaching in a hybrid way will bring more opportunities than ever before and can make your life easier, and business more rewarding! Knowing these skills will only help in the long run. 

We are not only saying that, we are telling you that virtual lessons open your possibilities ENORMOUSLY! Tiffany, for example, started teaching students all over Virginia when the pandemic started. This simply wouldn't have been possible when we thought that physical location was a boundary! Also - there are plenty of productive and innovative ways to teach music online - the technology we have at our fingertips is truly remarkable. 


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