The Audition Lab is a 6 or 12-week real-time interactive group coaching program. In the Lab, you will develop a personal system to prepare for, perform and process auditions. You'll get a dedicated cohort for peer support and Audition Lab coaches holding you accountable. Friends, it’s time to kick the strategy of “let’s see what happens” to the curb!

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I need a fresh start!


Does this sound like a familiar voice? “I need a fresh start! Looking back on my preparation during the past 12 months, I lacked a clear plan of how to make progress. I was so worried about getting back in shape and feeling behind the curve, I lacked the insight and understanding of how to get there. I thought I was doing all the right things, but in hindsight, I wasn't πŸ˜­πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜’ ." 


That was an email we got from a student recently. She committed to taking two auditions in the next 6 months, and feels like she's in the deep end!

There is a better way, and you know how we know that? 


Because we’ve all walked this road, asked the same questions and had the same doubts before. Hi! We are Ixi Chen, Tiffany Valvo and Ralph Skiano. We’ve spent the past 2 decades helping others create systems and strategies to increase confidence on stage, be more efficient in the practice room, and play with conviction, communication and ease. We have all won auditions, we're teachers, performers and most importantly, we care deeply about helping you realize your full potential!



We believe when you’re empowered with awesome information and people that are here to hold you accountable, you can achieve more than you thought possible. So, if you’re struggling because you don’t feel your preparation is enough, have crippling performance anxiety, can’t quiet that negative self-talk, or you’re just not sure how to get started with practice, the Audition Lab is going to help you create a strategic and achievable plan, and learn how to stand out on the audition stage.


Let's get you into results mode! 
 "Give me six hours to
chop down a tree
and I will spend the first four
sharpening the axe."

- Abraham Lincoln




Your Coach

Seasoned audition veteran Ralph Skiano, principal clarinetist of the Detroit Symphony and author of Behind the Screen:  A Winner's Guide to Preparing Your Next Audition 

The Audition Lab

6 weeks

Oct 10-Nov 14

6-weeks of LIVE group coaching every Sunday at 7:30pm ET coupled with video content and resources based on Skiano's book! 

The Audition Lab + Coaching POD

12 weeks

Oct 10-Jan 8

Based on your instrument and specific audition, you'll do the first 6-weeks and then join a POD to get deeper into individualized coaching for your excerpt list. Current coaches for these PODS listed below and also TBA!

You get:

Live group coaching each week to rewatch later. Lifetime access to additional video lessons from Ralph and PDF resources to support your learning. A community of people to rely on. And we've always got more up our sleeves!

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Heading into auditions is like walking alone into the wilderness.

You have what you've prepared, but every time, in every audition, you face the unknown by yourself. Get our 7 tips on BRAVING auditions!

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If you sign up for the 12-week program, the second 6 weeks you will be put into a small pod based on your instrument.*


What you need to know about the PODS:


🟠 Group coaching will continue each week in PODS, centered around individualized attention and feedback!

🟠 There will be plenty of opportunities to play both informally and formally + participate in more mock auditions.

🟠 In addition, Ixi and Tiffany will be there behind the scenes making sure you don't need anything, and helping you follow through.

🟠 This will be a space to “nerd out” with instrument-specific concerns and into the nitty gritty. 

🟠 This POD give you a new little squad of people to report back to, share wins with, and, yes, commiserate with when necessary!

🟠 As much as it can be tempting to think all you need is more hyper-focused work on your excerpts, we believe this fully: the first 6 weeks of the program where you will take a step back and assess your methods, approach and strategy is CRUCIAL to your success, and will make the second 6 weeks that much more powerful. 



Principal clarinet, Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Author of Behind the Screen: A Winner's Guide to Preparing Your Next Audition



Former Principal Associate Concertmaster for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Professor, New York University.



Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra



Soloist, chamber musician, Professor: University of Washington



Third Horn, Detroit Symphony Orchestra



Principal Oboe, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

*Pending enrollment numbers, these are the current coaches ready to lead a pod! However, it's impossible to predict how many coaches we need until everyone is registered. Know this: we guarantee that whoever leads your POD will be awesome.

You should join the Audition Lab if you:

  • are ready to ask questions and create better systems πŸ™‹‍♀️ 
  • are ready to get to work and apply everything you're learning week-to-week πŸ’ͺ 
  • have an audition coming up and want extra motivation and support πŸ‘ 
  • know taking auditions is on the horizon, and want to get a head start on establishing a thorough process before the time comes ⏱ 
  • want a group of people who truly care about your success and learning cheering you on πŸ“£ 
  • are ready for a transformation! πŸŽ‰ 



Oct 2: Deadline to get $50 off with code LAB50 
Oct 8 @ 11:59pm: Enrollment ends
Oct 10 @ 7:30pm ET: Program starts


I'm in!



β–ΆοΈŽ WEEK 1: PREPARE Coaching this week focuses on making the decision to commit to an audition, gathering materials, creating your listening list and audition book, the "audition-mode" warm-up, making a plan for physical and mental toughness, and creating your practice chart. 

β–ΆοΈŽ WEEK 2: PRACTICE PHASE ONE You'll learn how to get familiar with the repertoire, and lay a foundation for highly technical excerpts. Practice routines are the name of the game here!  

β–ΆοΈŽ WEEK 3:  PRACTICE PHASE TWO Get to work!  You'll learn how to create a rotation system for your excerpts with practical suggestions for setting goals, using your recording device, using a timer, and creating practice tracks. 

β–ΆοΈŽ WEEK 4:  PRACTICE PHASE THREE Get Performing!  This week you'll learn to practice performing: creating randomized rounds, thinking about mini-recitals, and how to approach mock auditions. 

 β–ΆοΈŽ WEEK 5:  PRACTICE PHASE 4 Get Inspired!  Learn how to record yourself in this phase, how to listen, and get inspired to play your best. Staying in that positive, excited mindset is key.  

β–ΆοΈŽ WEEK 6: PERFORMING THE AUDITION It's audition time! You're planning how to use your time in the hotel, at the audition and after you play.


Choose to continue Audition Lab coaching with 6 weeks of small group AUDITION POD support! Based on your instrument and specific audition, you can opt to join a pod to get deeper into individualized coaching for your excerpt list. Or...

Choose 1:1 coaching and lessons. 

Support is offered to all Audition Lab students via ongoing course office hours! 


Audition Reboot [Replay]


Curious what Ralph covered in his 5-day Audition Reboot or not quite ready for the full course? Grab the Reboot Replay!

  • 5-day Audition Reboot class recordings = 3+ hours of lessons and q&a's
  • Unlimited access: watch and rewatch anytime
  • PDF downloads of all worksheets/resources



USE CODE: LAB50 for $50 off through Oct 2

  • 6-weeks of group classes on audition preparation strategy (~90 min each, recorded)
  • 6-Week set of video lessons (~4 5-10 min videos each week)
  • Mock Audition in Week #5
  • Unlimited access to videos and live class recordings
  • Receive all future course update & be part of the inaugural cohort



USE CODE: LAB50 for $50 off through Oct 2

  • Receive everything offered in the Audition Lab
  • Plus 6 weeks of repertoire- and excerpt-focused coaching (~90 min session each week, recorded)
  • Individualized support as you implement learning
  • Additional mock auditions

1:1 Audition Coaching


  • Practice Assessments
  • Optimizing Practice Schedule and Routine
  • Performance Mindset Training
  • Relaxation and Focus Techniques
  • Professional materials review
  • Mock audition or mini-recital scheduling
  • Mindset and Self-Talk 
  • ...and more. 


We are all about honesty here at Music360. The value of this program far exceeds what we are charging. It's impossible to put a "value" on all of this, but we'd say this price is at least 60% off. Think about a couple of things... the amount of experience all of us, Ralph and our guest faculty have collected to be able to present this information takes years to build! Some people charge more than this for a single lesson! But, you're going to be the first group, the "inaugural cohort" to go through this course. And we sincerely appreciate you trusting us. We also ask for your honest feedback as we go through the course; we're here to get it right! Just know this: the course will never be offered for this price again. We don't want anyone to be surprised when we launch it again!

Why not just buy Ralph's book and call it a day?!

  • Hearing the information live is quite different than reading the book. It's like a live video book... with feedback! Take that, Audible.
  • We're meeting each week; having accountability can make all the difference!
  • Being on a timeline to complete things set by someone else is motivating
  • Getting feedback on your progress is key, it gives you new perspective, and helps you adjust things to keep making progress
  • You'll not only learn from Ralph and other guests and coaches, but you'll learn from each other!
  • You'll be able to ask questions freely. Asking a book questions doesn't always go so well ;-)
  • We all need some encouragement, and that's why real live things with real live people are awesome!



Hi there! We are, from left to right, Ixi Chen, Ralph Skiano and Tiffany Valvo. Ixi and Tiffany co-direct creative endeavors here at Music360! Ixi is a clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony and teaches at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Tiffany is the clarinet professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.  We love pens and fine paper, but that's a convo for another day. We are so excited to partner with Ralph Skiano on this Audition Lab project! 




Okay, now, your resident seasoned audition expert, Ralph Skiano! Ralph is the principal clarinetist of the Detroit Symphony. He has held the same position in the Richmond and Cincinnati Symphonies and in the Des Moines Metro Opera. Critics have praised him for his solo and orchestral performances, describing him as having “wisdom beyond his years”. But… Ralph’s got more than performance wisdom beyond his years! He’s written 2 books - Little Scores for Audition Success and Behind the Screen: A winner’s guide to preparing your next audition. 

Ralph cares about process. He is one of the most diligent, thoughtful people we have met. And he cares deeply about getting good information into the hands of anyone that is hungry for it. 


We can't wait to get to know you, too! See you in the Audition Lab.

Got more questions? We've got answers! 

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if we didn't cover your questions on this page!