3 bits of advice from soprano Ana Maria Martinez

inspiration singer Mar 11, 2021
Ana Maria Martinez headshot

Grammy award winning soprano Ana María Martinez came to talk to our Thrive members last night about music music making and life from a singer’s perspective.

She is not only an astounding singer (watch Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileires No. 5, Ana Maria Martinez, 2008 😱♥️), but an incredibly gracious and wise human being!

3 bits of advice from her:

1. Vulnerability in music making is essential.
2. If you take a liberty, make sure you learned it perfectly first.
3. As classical musicians, we strive for perfection. But… don’t rush by trying to have the proficiency now. Some things just can’t be rushed and need a combination of not only practice, but life lived. This is a continuous journey!

What wonderful reminders… go forth and play beautiful music!


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