4 Thoughts for the End of Summer

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You're NOT gonna want to hear this... especially if you're shy, or not naturally inclined to put yourself out there, or  ‘toot your own horn’.

 Well we're going to tell you anyway.

Don't wait to be asked!

Instead, GO KNOCKING. Did you know ⅓ of Americans are now defined as freelancers?! No matter if you're a musician or graphic designer, creating your own opportunities can motivate you, give you experience, and create new income streams.

Ask, what can you add to your instrumental skills? Perhaps you are a charismatic speaker, or have a way will kids, or have a passion for collaborating with interdisciplinary artists. Volunteer or ask for a fee to program a series at a retirement home, library or church… create a program at your local elementary school!   Get creative, create your space and go knocking. Remember: if you don't ask, the answer is always no.  

Here at Music360 we're all about creating and operating from our authentic selves, a place where clarity of purpose aligns heart and mind. When you make music from this space, opportunities open up, you're in balance and feel more confident and resilient. 

4 thoughts as we near the end of summer and face a new academic year, new job, or new fall projects (including auditions!) are

  1. Be Brave (and go knocking!)
  2. Don't chase approval
  3. Wellness includes mind and body, yes, but also your heart
  4. You are everything you bring to your music! Check out this list of things that are just as important has how you play

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