Things that are just as how you play your instrument

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A list

We recently posted this on Instagram and the post got a lot of love! So, we thought we would put it here, too. 

It's important.

And, we have a feeling that people liked the post because they know it's so true.

We are all more than how we play. Here are other things that are important: 


✔︎ The energy you bring into a room/rehearsal

✔︎ Reliability 

✔︎ Your attitude

✔︎ Your empathy

✔︎ The effort you put in 

✔︎ Being punctual 

✔︎ Being prepared

✔︎ Having questions

✔︎ Communicating clearly 

✔︎ Being attentive: actively listening 

✔︎ Answering requests promptly (keeping your boundaries is obviously okay!) 

We hope this list reminds you that there is more to focus on. And being a good human? There's never a replacement for that. 


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