Holiday Gift Guide 2022


The holidays are such a nice time to treat yourself and your loved ones to things you can use throughout the year! For us, it’s all about gifting joy, knowledge and resources that will energize the life of the people we are gifting to.

Below you'll find 10 gift ideas for the musicians and artists in your life - or, for yourself! Some are practical and some are just things we love. We think you'll love them, too. 😊 


  1. Our brand new Practice Planner! 
    • It’s been a long time coming on this one, and we are just beyond happy to get it into your hands. This 4-month planner has not only planning space, but resources, reflection prompts, goal tracking and more. There is currently a Clarinet Edition with a Universal Edition coming very soon. Grab it in print, digital, or a bundle of both! 
  2. Midori MD Dot Grid Notebook
    • We are paper-lovers, and this paper is THE BEST! Use it to take notes, journal, make lists… we’ve always got one in our bag. 
  3. Black Wing Pencils
    • There really isn’t any other way to put it… these are like, the Queen of pencils. Bust one of these out of your case in rehearsal and everyone will know you mean business. Or, they’ll have no idea what they are and you can enlighten them. 😆 
  4. Digital Clarinet Academy/Music360 Stickers! 
    • We are loving having these stickers out in the world going from our hands to yours! Put them on your cases, computers… the options are endless. 
  5. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield 
    • This book may change your life. All about fighting what Pressfield calls “the resistance”, it’s all about being a brave artist and not being afraid to show up and be seen and heard! 
  6. DCA/Music360 gift card for our planner, masterclasses, etc!
    • Okay, shameless plug. If you have a musician in your life, grab them a gift card they can use for anything in our store including physical products, courses, resources, events and coachings! 
  7. Hü Chocolate 
    • Post practice treat? Look no further. Hü chocolate is just. So. good. 
  8. Matcha
    • We are big matcha fans. Froth up a cup with a little almond milk and you’ve got yourself a score study or reading beverage that is perfect. And much cheaper than that hipster coffee place around the corner. (Although… we love those too.)
  9. Sound in Motion by David McGill
    • Musicians, this book rocks and we’ve noticed not a ton of you have it. 
  10. Atomic Habits by James Clear 
    • This book may also change your life. We are constantly talking about the 1% - getting 1% better each day. And how motivation is overrated. James Clear breaks down how to really change your habits and create change in your life and it’s genius. 


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