Our Obsession With Prestige

The most prestigious things must make the biggest difference, right? Some thoughts about that... 💭

Something doesn't have to be considered prestigious to be good...

or change lives...

or change your life...

or contribute to the world...

or make a difference! 


We can be obsessed with prestige in classical music. The most elite school the fancy festival, the biggest job - those are the ones we think make the most difference. 

But there are communities everywhere, in every corner of this world where you can make a difference, create change, and contribute. 

Think about where you started. Someone in a "small" community with a "small" job may have helped shape your future. 

There are infinite opportunities to use your gifts for good. You don't have to get into the "fanciest" school or have the "fanciest" job to make an impact. As a matter of fact - you may make a larger one elsewhere. 

So think about what your true goal is. Is it making a difference or getting the most prestigious thing? You may not have to do both. And a small shift in your mindset here could make a huge difference in where you want to head and how you get there. 



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