Starting Over

Have you seen them yet? The posts about a "new year, new you", #resolution2022, etc?

This time of year we're all bombarded with headlines and graphics that bring with them a strange mix of guilt combined with unabated optimism.
You didn’t do anything you wanted this year? Don’t worry! 2022 is just 40 days away and THAT is the magic elixir!
Huge ugh.
While we love the fresh sense that comes with Jan 1 just as much as the next person, it seems ridiculous to put so much pressure on ourselves - and on one day of the year!
Not only is this time of year when all the resolution talk begins, but it is also a time many of us connect with a sense of gratitude.
So, here’s one thing we are very grateful for this year that we’ve been trying to put into practice in our own lives: the ability to start over at absolutely any moment. 
It has made such a big difference for both of us. It's helped take the pressure off of some unrealistic need to have perfect consistency. It's also been a huge relief to let go of the need to have “permission” to begin again because it's Monday, or the first of the month, or the beginning of a new year. 
  • Didn’t play your scales this morning? That's alright! Do it this afternoon.
  • Didn’t eat the veggies for lunch? Eat ‘um at dinner.
  • Didn’t feel the way you wanted to on stage tonight? Cultivate another performance opportunity and try again next week.
You don’t have to wait for the new year and you don’t (you probably shouldn’t) make some overly-ambitious resolution to change your entire life on Jan 1.
Often the biggest transformations start with the most subtle changes made today. We truly hope you feel the truth of that statement in your bones! 🦴 
We will be expressing plenty of gratitude this week for other things, too - and the dividends are in the details! Robert Emmons, a gratitude researcher, states that gratitude has the biggest happiness effect when we are specific about it - and when we share it! 
So here's one more: Thank you for being here, for trusting us to deliver wisdom and tips, and for being an artist! 

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