Getting Started with Practice Design!

We all know that practice alone does not guarantee improvement just as time in the gym doesn’t equal getting stronger. You’ve probably heard that concept around the internets. 

But, if practice doesn’t guarantee improvement, what does? 

Well, we're about to take you through one possible solution! This download, Getting Started with Practice Design, guides you through a practice design exercise.  We will go through 5 areas you should be thinking about whenever you need to improve anything - a skill, repertoire, etc - so you can be intentional and your practice can make an impact! Here are the 5 areas:

1. Macro goal 

2. Breakdown into skills 

3. Specific ways to measure 

4. Timeline 

5. Analysis

We will work through an example and then you'll have a template where you take your own go at Practice Design! 

And sure, you can get better without a plan. But, the question is, how long will it take? And will you reach the heights of your potential? 

Let's dig in!