A Community for Musicians who want to build a thriving life in music


Creating a life as a musician can seem like a game of two-steps forward one-step back. 


Some days it may feel impossible to know the best way to practice, let alone see a path forward to making money and a life doing what you love. We're told by conservatories and music schools that we must practice long hours, and go the traditional route of solo, orchestral or an academic route. 

At Music360 we believe It's time to change that narrative and zoom out to see the million ways you can craft a uniquely successful career in music. And not only zoom out to connect deeply to the truest version of ourselves, but to create the career we desire without sacrificing our well-being. 

The Thrive Membership is a space where you can uncover, develop and leverage your skill sets to create a fulfilling and income-generating life in music. The community is dedicated to bringing you resources to best guide you to develop your practice, performance, business skills, soft skills, prioritizing health and wellness along the way. 

Community is key!

The membership is a space to generate this life and to get answers to your questions.  You will address all the layers of WHO YOU ARE.



The membership is the fastest way for you to elevate and take impactful action toward your career. You can join at monthly or annual tiers, with or without 1:1 coaching. 

Seminars, workshops and free classes all feed into the Thrive membership, without the luxury of unlimited access to classes, replays, and the vast library of video lessons. 



Part 1: Seminars are at the heart of the curriculum, igniting action on the layers of you as a musician

‚Ėļ January:¬†Practice skills -¬†how to design practice sessions¬†and¬†practice habits for remarkable results. Learn about practice techniques, hear from practice gurus, amp up your ability to be consistent and joyful in the practice room, and work on crossing the bridge between practice to performance.

‚Ėļ¬†March:¬†How to build your portfolio, whether it's a website, resume, cover letter, social media presence, or anything else that shows the world who you are!

‚Ėļ May:¬†Creating a mindset¬†shift to¬†your mindset into one of possibility and learn how to become more resilient, manage your time & energy, and give you the power to face the challenges

‚Ėļ July:¬†Deep work¬†on your projects: auditions,¬† interviews or ideas¬†and basic preparation for the inevitable job evaluation

‚Ėļ September:¬†Business & career skills¬†you need to Thrive. Think grant writing, marketing, starting a business, audience development and more.

‚Ėļ November:¬†A foundation of wellness¬†through breath & body, so you can play with more ease and release your expressive potential. You'll also learn tools to stay well in mind and body.¬†

Live classes led by the worlds' leading music, career and wellness experts, combine with weekly written lessons, resources and actions.

Part 2: The community includes incredible library of resources:


‚Ėļ¬†Monthly live workshops, masterclasses¬†&¬†conversations¬†with the finest musicians and experts we can find and replays for when you can't attend live

‚Ėļ Access¬†to 100+ videos in our¬†video library¬†of past events, video lessons and PDF resources¬†

‚Ėļ Hundreds of pages of¬†PDF resources¬†including¬†trackers, templates, worksheets and more

‚Ėļ Access to a¬†community¬†of like-minded musicians and the opportunity for¬†1:1 coaching¬†to help with anything from building a practice routine to setting up a digital storefront¬†


The Seminars are available as stand-alone programs, but don't offer extended access to replays or the library of resource material.   


Become a Member!

If you aren’t completely satisfied with THRIVE, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked. 



1. Enroll in Thrive and get immediate access to our online platform where you can begin digging into the video library and resources 

2. Start getting emails from us with lessons and action items

3. Get Zoom links to all the upcoming events so you can join live, or, rewatch later




‚Ėļ¬†You're in school and ready to build a more holistic skill set & get access to a wide-range of resources¬†

‚Ėļ¬†You're a pre-professional and looking to¬†build your career, wellness and life as a musician

‚Ėļ¬†You're a professional musician or teacher working in the field and want support and resources to keep developing your career while getting access to new resources and wisdom

‚Ėļ¬†You're a lifelong learner and are interested in cool stuff, love music, and want to join in the fun!


Your Membership Options: 

Monthly Membership



‚Ėļ All seminars, workshops & classes

‚Ėļ¬†Access to our video library with 100+ replays, conversations and video lessons

‚Ėļ¬†Library of PDF downloads¬†

‚Ėļ¬†Access to¬†our digital platform

Save 15%
Annual Membership



‚ĖļAll seminars, workshops & classes

‚Ėļ¬†Access to our video library with 100+ replays, conversations and video lessons

‚Ėļ¬†Library of PDF downloads¬†

‚Ėļ¬†Access to¬†our digital platform

 Monthly Membership
+ Coaching


Membership + 1:1 Coaching


‚Ėļ Everything in the membership

‚Ėļ One 1:1 60-min coaching session each month with a Thrive host


 Save 15%
Annual Membership
+ Coaching


Membership + 1:1 Coaching


‚Ėļ Everything in the membership

‚Ėļ One 1:1 60-min coaching session each month with a Thrive host

We believe
a career in music is not an unstable path where the odds are stacked against you, but instead it is a rich and incredible opportunity to share your skills & talents with the world in creative ways. 



Thrive has given me a new skill set under my belt right after graduating college. I’ve implemented techniques from Thrive into my everyday routine, and I’ve had a lot more success with competitions and auditions!

Chanse M.

The support, inspiration and guidance I’ve received from Thrive this year have helped me find a lot more joy and confidence in my playing and in my various roles in my local music ecosystem. I’m so glad I joined!

Susan D.

Just dropping a line to let you know how much I am enjoying the Thrive membership. I have found my groove where I can listen to the classes while I am driving in the car AND IT IS AMAZING! I'm catching up on topics I missed, finding ten minute sessions (like the clearing brain meditation exercise) that fit into ten minutes before the end of my planning so I can start class like Mary Poppins, and it's all so great. Just saying, THANKS SO MUCH!

Michelle G.





We've had 150+ events in Thrive aiming to bring in a DIVERSE variety of experts and the most inspiring high-performing musicians out there. The lineup rotates and cycles, giving members a space to explore, experiment and evolve! 

From left to right (or up to down if you're on mobile)! 

Captivating Your Audience with Sasha Olinick, Actor

Kinesthetic Learning with Rosemary Engelstad, Body Mapping Teacher

Writing tips for Musicians with Leyla Shokoohe, Copywriter

Optimizing Your Practice with Dr. Christine Carter, Performance Psychology Researcher

Achieving Expressivity and Range through Vocalism with Ana Maria Martinez, Rice University

Mindfulness for Musicians with Stacy Sims, Mindfulness Coach

A Conversation with Anthony McGill, NY Philharmonic

How to Warm Up with Kim Cole Luevano, University of North Texas

Exploring Extended Techniques with Eric Mandat, American composer

On Expression with Afendi Yusuf and Rob Walters, Cleveland Orchestra

Masterclass with Richard Aaron, Juilliard/University of Michigan

Masterclass with Blaise Dejardin, Boston Symphony


Plus all these people... ūüĎá (And that's still not all!)

Video library examples!

Enjoy 50+ current lessons and new mini-lessons on overcoming procrastination to practice hacks are delivered each month! Categories are: Conversations, Heart Wellness, Mind Wellness, Body Wellness, Business, Career


You need to feel confident and empowered to take your next steps towards success–whatever that means for you. Spoiler alert: that means working on your musicianship with amazing artists while also developing skills like self regulation, how to be patient, how to build a website, and of course, how to step on stage with courage. That's what we do in Thrive.

I'm ready to join!


Hi! We are Ixi, Ted and Nick! We've got a diverse set of experiences under our belts and want to share them with you. As your Thrive hosts, we curate your content and find incredible guests and topics that we know will offer you important learning. We look out for trends and things we think you need to know and then bring them to you!

Ted Nelson (right) was a cellist in the Cincinnati Symphony for 20 years and is now VP of Artistic Planning and Operations at the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. //  Ixi Chen (left) plays clarinet in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, teaches at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and is Founder & Managing Artistic Director of chamber ensemble, CONCERTNOVA. //  Nick Photinos (middle) is a multi-Grammy Award-winning cellist, professor of chamber music at CCM, a founding member of Eighth Blackbird, and has collaborated and toured with an astounding array of artists.

We're excited to share our combined experience of performance, recording, management, production fundraising, finance and entrepreneurship so you can realize your dreams!

THRIVE began in October of 2020 and has helped hundreds of students gain the confidence and skills they need to make strides in their playing and career. We've got big hearts and believe there is space for everyone in classical music, but you may need some help! We're ready to give it to you.



Musicians are entrepreneurs
  • Are you financially literate and do you approach your career with an abundance mindset?
  • The days of having just one job are mostly over, but that doesn't mean a career in music isn't viable.¬†You must explore your unique skill sets that can contribute to the world (and your pocket)!¬†¬†
  • There's a GAP in music school education. Traditional music school doesn't prepare you for the real world! You have develop a set of professional skills beyond your playing.¬†

Embracing an outside perspective can give you great insight into your work
  • From authors to athletes, there are a lot of experts out there with¬†a lot to teach you about how to be a better human and artist.¬†
  • Having a diverse, varied approach can give you rich layers of musicianship and artistry - as well as connect you to project, collaboration and job opportunities.¬†

Wellness lies at the heart of everything you do as a musician
  • What makes a strong, healthy mind is different for all of us, but it is just as important to dive into these things as scales and excerpts. This includes understanding how you learn and how to maximize your focus.

  • How your body feels has SO much to do with how you play. Remember, you are a musician-athlete!¬†

  • Your playing is a reflection of who you are. Being emotionally well and heart-centered can make a dramatic difference in not only your expressive capabilities but in your whole life.¬†



If you aren’t completely satisfied with THRIVE, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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