35 Academic Interview Questions

Thinking about the academic path?! Wondering what the heck they even ask in those higher ed interviews? Preparing for, or even imagining preparing for, an academic interview can be daunting.

Here's a list of 35 Academic Interview Questions that can help! 

This 11-page booklet includes questions in 5 categories, a bonus on questions you can ask the search committee, and what we call the Pyramid of Experience, which just may reveal a few areas of your CV to develop a little more before that next application goes out.

If you can begin, or continue, to develop your thoughts on a variety of topics, you will have a foundation to pull from, and have material to pull from no matter the questions that get thrown at you. However, as we know, articulating your experience, viewpoints and aspirations take practice. So, let's get started.


In this download, you'll get:

⎔ 35 Questions in 5 different categories: basic, applied teaching, curriculum, research and recruiting

⎔ A bonus: ideas on how to decide what questions to ask the search committee when that awkward question comes ... "Do you have any questions for us?!"

⎔ A Pyramid of Experience to help you determine ways to fill your CV with things that will set you apart

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